Coquitlam Auto Repairs and Goodrich Tires

BF Goodrich Tires spell out their intention even before you buy them: Drive hard, Play hard, and Work Hard. For those who cannot have it in any other way; you have a home in these tires. Built to face any  challenge and overcome any weather, you have a surer way of conquering the world
of riding and driving with BF Goodrich.

It even gets better for those in motor racing. BF Goodrich not only promises but will take you through Baja Deserts and the 24-hour cruising through cities. Before buying, the real question is whether you are driver enough; because if you are not, you can hardly match the performance coming out of these tyres. Combining Coquitlam Auto Repair and Goodrich tires.

What do BF Goodrich tires bring on the table of driving?

·Top bracket performance: Bring on hell-bending corners, breakneck speeds and anything you can throw in the package of a thrilling drive. BF Goodrich responds in kind to any performance challenge you throw to their tires. If it is the thrill you are looking for, you marched into the right door. These are not your generic winter tires that cannot take on a few ice crystals on the road; these are the beast of the impassable roads.

·Out-of-ordinary passenger: Who said you could not have both fun and practicability in your passenger van? BF Goodrich would not let it be any other way: you have both served in the same set of passenger-tires.

·SUV and light Truck tire package: You do not have to follow tracks carved by others. From the full range of choice, your SUV or light truck will never run out of options. You will dare any terrain and get to the other side without a single scratch on your vehicle.

·Value for your every dime: It is never fun when you have to buy every time the New Year comes around. You have other expenses to take care of, right? You will get service out of your set in a triple measure of what you paid for them. It has never been harmful to anyone if you can save money and you still get top range performance.

It is no brainer to understand why racing automakers would endorse BF Goodrich for their tires. It has a lot to do with their exemplary performance. You can join those who never have to worry about their tires in all weather and terrain by making the easy choice.

Wrap up

I don’t know about you, but most auto owners love it when they outperform other drivers. And the best chance you have to awaken the champion in your vehicle starts with what touches the ground. Not just any set of tires can give you that guarantee; it has to be BF Goodrich. Do you ever like to make decisions that you never regret?

Drag Racing and Having Fun


Drag street racing can be a thrill but keeping it safe for the driver and the people in the area is the most important factor.

It is also best if you can find a place to race that is secure such as a professional race track, as long as you have the proper permissions to use it.


Wearing the proper gear, head wear and seat belt will help to ensure you are protected encase of an accident